Patients are advised to choose one (1) treatment option from the four (4) available treatment options that we have in our facility. All our options have been designed for continuous exercise with supervision and we cater for all individual needs.


These options are:

  1. Home Service: Patients are attended to within the confines of  their homes.
  2. Out-Patiient: Patients are expected in the hospital for treatment on appointment            days otherwise referred to as clinic days.
  3. Out-Patient (with ambulance services): Ambulance services are provided to convey patients from their homes to the hospital for treatment on appointment days (clinic days) after which, the ambulance will drop the patients in their homes again.
  4. Medical Rehabilitation Centre: Patients are on admission in our medical rehabilitation home where they are attended to twice a day. Viz
    1. In the morning session
    2. In the evening session